Helpdesk Support

You know being offline costs your business valuable resources. Not only is employee productivity and revenue lost, but the ability to connect directly to your client base is unavailable, and who knows how many potential customers might move on to a competitor while your business is essentially shut down.

At Network Knowledge we understand the impact of being disconnected and for this very reason we offer 24/7 remote Help Desk support to our clients.

When you call our Help Desk, one of the highly skilled technicians will speak with you to assess what is going on with your computer, and/or network hardware and software, and walk you through the steps to diagnose the problem. If necessary, we will ask your permission to access your system remotely, and utilize all options available to fix the problem without the need to wait for an on-site engineer.

“I love the Help Desk because they are there whenever I call. It is an immediate response, with no endless prompts or waiting. I am connected to an actual person who listens while I explain what is happening. It’s a very personal touch. They walk me through the steps to figure out what is going on, and if they have to access my computer remotely, they have the ability to do so. It makes me feel at ease that they can just take over and fix the problem.”
ServPro, Portland

At the time you contact the Help Desk, a Service Ticket is created which prioritizes your need for technical assistance. This allows us to make sure we can analyze and fix your problem, whether via the Help Desk or by sending an on-site engineer to you promptly.

For our monthly Managed IT Services clients, you have unlimited Help Desk support as part of your monthly fee so you never have to watch the clock or your dollars when you make that call!


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