We highly Recommend Network Knowledge. Both Kevin & Rick are Very Interested in helping us improve our systems to better serve our clients. The commitment and dedication is so apparent & refreshing. we are grateful to have them on our team!
Fontaine Family Team

I have been the Practice Director at Dental Specialists of Maine since May of this year, and to be perfectly honest, I walked into an IT nightmare. We are a small 30 person specialty dentistry practice that quickly from 3 to 5 different locations. Our IT infrastructure requires the need to house lots of patient data, x-rays and other delicate data that needs to be not only HIPAA compliant, but accessible from all 5 offices. I knew I needed to find a solution and since we aren’t big enough to have a full time IT person on staff, I needed to get outside help. Bringing in IT Managed Services just made sense. Have a company come in and not only set us up on constant monitoring so whenever possible problems are solved before they rear their ugly heads, but hire a knowledgeable company to come in, evaluate our networking, equipment, software, etc. NKI presented us with their proposal, along with 2 other companies that can provide the same services. NKI had the level of service we needed and the remote monitoring of all of our equipment to keep us up and running.

Since bringing in NKI, not only have we done some very BIG, necessary projects quickly and cost-effectively, but we have taken a practice who suffered big IT issues daily to a practice that runs smoothly and reliably each day! And when something does happen that needs quick, on-site attention, our technician is always right there to get it taken care of.

I can’t be more grateful for NKI and what they do for our practice each day, allowing me to feel confident in our network and IT workflow freeing me up to truly manage the practice.

 Dental Specialists of Maine


My name is Richard Bateman and I am the co-owner of Minuteman Press in South Portland, Maine.  We are a printing company with a fairly sizeable network of computers and digital presses.  When we opened our doors in May of 2013 I hired a local networking company to assist us with the set-up.  Things did not go smoothly – we ended up doing the majority of the work ourselves, the technicians constantly showed up late, and the process took more than a week to complete.  On top of all of this the bill we received for this poor service was outrageous and we were actually charged for a lot of the work we had done on our own.  It was certainly time to search for another networking company to do business with.

Luckily I had the opportunity to meet Kevin Joly of Network Knowledge at a business networking meeting.  We have been doing business with Network Knowledge for over two years now and are extremely happy with the service received from Kevin, Rick Talbot and all of the staff.  They are extremely knowledgeable, punctual, affordable and, most importantly, they get the job done right in a timely fashion.  As with most businesses time is money and we cannot afford to have our network down.

This past Summer we experienced flooding in our shop and both our modem and network switch were fried, leaving us completely out of business.  I called Rick at 8:30am and within an hour he had a technician working on our issues and getting us back up and running.  I could go on and on about examples of exemplary customer service we have received from Network Knowledge, but suffice it to say we appreciate this level of support and will remain a loyal customer.  I highly recommend Network Knowledge to any business owner or decision maker who has concerns with their current networking company or a start-up who is looking to get off on the right foot.

If you would like more information on my experiences with Network Knowledge I would be more than happy to provide a personal reference.

Richard Bateman
Minuteman Press

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