Windows 10 Update

free windows 10 upgrade

Maybe some of you took advantage of Microsoft’s free Windows 10 upgrade last month, or perhaps you are still mulling it over. Adjusting to OS changes is always a process, and how valuable the new changes are to you is a matter of preference and how you utilize your computer. Much of it boils down to your internet use, integration of cloud based and online services, and if you like new bells and whistles or prefer to keep it old-school.

Windows 10 offers these changes and improvements:

  • Faster boot up speeds
  • Virtual Assistant, Cortana
  • Facial recognition log in
  • Integrated antivirus
  • The return of Windows desktop and Start Menu
  • Automatic syncing with cloud services
  • Free updates until 2025

If you have questions about whether the Windows 10 upgrade is right for you – check out our Blog, “Free Windows 10 Upgrade, Is It Right for You?” for some advice before you decide.

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